Luke jest dyrektorem ds. bezpieczeństwa i ochrony środowiska w firmie Seneca, do której dołączył w 2011 r. Jako kierownik produkcji, Luke odegrał wiodącą rolę w zaszczepianiu nowych metod produkcji, takich jak techniki „Lean 5S”. Firma zawdzięcza mu postępy w zakresie stosowania narzędzi, standaryzacji i redukcji strat. 

Po pięciu latach pracy w obszarze produkcji, Luke zmienił stanowisko: teraz odpowiada za obszar zdrowia i bezpieczeństwa, który jest jego pasją. Blisko współpracując z zespołem ds. produkcji, Luke zmienił podejście firmy do kwestii zdrowia i bezpieczeństwa, opracowując szereg standardów w ramach Metody Carey, które stanowią punkt odniesienia dla sposobu pracy w firmie.

Luke Cassidy


We try to make it a fun and enjoyable working environment as well as safe for all the team. We encourage honesty so that everyone knows that they can speak up. We genuinely care about our work force. We want them to step forward and feel that their contribution is recognised.

We’re passionate about identifying talent and helping to nurture that talent. We positively enjoy giving our team the opportunity to grow and develop. We look to challenge our teams in the right environment with the correct resources and tools to realise their potential. We believe that there is the opportunity of a career here within Seneca for people with a positive attitude.

We encourage talking and engaging at all levels, as a management team we communicate our expectations to each other and then display those expectations in our own behaviours – leading by example. 

Continuous improvement has meant that we have recently invested heavily in a new baling and wrapping line and a MRF line, replacing existing lines that had been in operation for the last six years. This will allow for a higher throughput of waste, more recovery and a greater efficiency and reliability in our processes. When customers see us investing in our facility it gives them confidence that we can provide them with a robust service that meets their needs. Seneca also ensures reliability and quality of product through regular training and development of our workforce. This development, along with strong management and a positive health and safety culture that is at the forefront of everything we do, all coincide to give our stakeholders the best possible experience.

The saturation of low CV RDF into Holland and Germany, meaning limited capacity at EfW plants has made us look to diversify into other markets and new products. We are now producing a quality high CV material for export to Poland, which has traditionally been a difficult market to break into.

Back in early 2016 I lead the challenge of implementing an Integrated Management System at Seneca certified to ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards. I’m proud to say that we were successful in our accreditation and the business and stakeholders have benefitted hugely as a result.

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