Seneca Resource Recovery recently translated their website into nine different European languages as part of their strategy to target additional European markets. In addition to the main English site, the website is now available in Dutch, German, Polish, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian, with the Spanish site launching shortly.

Seneca's core business is the production of Refused Derived Fuel (RDF). Their specialist fuel production facility in Wembley, London, enables customers to fulfil zero waste to landfill ambitions by transforming various types of waste such as municipal, industrial and commercial waste into refuse derived fuel (RDF). The resulting grades of fuel are used by our European partners to generate energy bringing further environmental benefits by reducing a reliance on the burning of fossil fuels to heat and power buildings.

The translated web pages will allow Seneca’s capabilities to be comprehensively showcased in the native languages of their target market, reinforcing Seneca’s commitment as a trusted fuel supply partner to the European energy recovery sector.

To find out more about Seneca’s RDF production services take a look here

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