Seneca Resource Recovery have recently commenced a 3-year contract to supply high-spec biomass fuel to Templeborough Biomass Power Plant in Rotherham, providing us with a highly sustainable UK outlet for 12,000 tonnes per year of biomass fuel produced from waste wood.

The waste wood used to produce biomass fuel is recovered from construction and commercial waste at our 12,000m2 Material’s Recovery Facility (MRF) depot in Wembley on one of our four dedicated fuel production lines, which efficiently process both untreated and pre-treated waste streams.  Biomass fuel is an integral part of our recovered fuel portfolio which is used to generate low-carbon energy, reducing reliance on the burning of fossil fuels to heat and power buildings.

Once processed, the high-spec biomass fuel is collected from our facility by Stobart Energy, leveraging their Group’s logistics and supply chain expertise, who have the exclusive contract to supply and manage 100% of the fuel inputs into Templeborough Biomass Power Plant.

Biomass plants work in much the same way as a coal fired power station. The biomass, is processed, chipped and then burnt at high temperatures. This heat is used to turn water into steam which then powers a turbine, generating electricity. This energy is then carried by cable to the national grid to be used across the region.  Templeborough Biomass Power Plant produces 41MW of green electricity, enough to power 78,000 homes, saving over 150,000 tonnes of CO2 each year – the equivalent of 1.75 million aeroplane flights from London to Paris.

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