Scudder Demolition is delivering the restoration and partial demolition of the former Runnymede Campus. Scudder used Mobile Elevated Working Platforms to enable the rapid removal of roof tiles within the time constraints of a six-week ecological licence.

Carey Group companies ION Environmental and Seneca Resource Recovery have also been involved in the project, removing asbestos and providing waste management services to the site.

Scudder is delivering a full soft strip of Presidents Hall and complete demolition of the College Hall, with the exception of two turrets and the clock tower which are to be retained. Pillar Hall, the most recent addition to the site, is to be soft stripped, but the external façade retained.

Scudder played a pivotal role in the rapid set-up of the site and starting the removal of the roof tiles. The team worked collaboratively with principal contractor, Balfour Beatty, in sequencing the works and ensured the right resources were present on-site to complete set-up within a week, ready for the removal of the roof in the following weeks.

Due to the project presenting significant potential risk to operatives who are working at height, specialist training and protective measures have been implemented to ensure all operatives remain safe throughout the duration of the works.

Scudder has been awarded further contracts at Runnymede Campus. This phase includes forming an underground car park to the previously demolished College Hall. The work involves assisting the sheet piling contractor in the installation of a water tight retaining walls, construction of capping beams, bulk excavation, assisting the piling foundations, installation of drainage and construction of the basement slab and core from basement level to ground floor.

Another package of works is the cut and carve of Pillar Hall and Presidents Hall. 

After the demolition and façade retention at Pillar Hall, drainage was installed, and ground beams were constructed as foundations for a new two-storey steel frame. The phase of works in Presidents Hall included the construction of underpinning to 60% of the existing structure, installation of drainage and creating new opening throughout the structure.

To wrap up the Runnymede contract is the construction of hard landscaping due for completion in August 2018.

Scudder Demolition clearly has a highly developed safety culture, demonstrated through their segregation and control of plant exclusion zones, visual management through information boards and engaging toolbox talks.

Frank Moran, Operations Director, Balfour Beatty
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