Mark joined Scudder Demolition in 2012 as a Project Manager for the BBC White City project. In 2013 he was promoted to Operations Manager and in 2017 was promoted to Construction Director. Mark is responsible for ensuring that all Scudder operations are undertaken safely, monitoring and ensuring quality compliance and assisting our site managers and contracts managers. 

Mark Stenning


The culture within Scudder is very positive. It’s a very ‘can do’ kind of attitude. There’s always a massive drive for improvement within the company and within the wider Group. We do a wide variety of different types of work and it’s a real draw for a lot of the team that are looking to build experience.

I’m really big on encouraging communication within the team. When you’ve got the range of experts that we do there’s not a single project manager that works on everything, so it’s all about collaborating and working together; which requires good communication. I encourage all of the teams to get to know each other, to find out each other’s skills and strengths and to help support each other in finding the best solutions for our clients.

Never produce problems, always present solutions. I like to assist and partner with our clients to make sure we’re bringing the best value to them. As a company we’ve invested a lot in CGI-based methodologies, which have been great for demonstrating to our client how and why we’re planning to do certain complex aspects of a project. We have four structural engineers – we need to understand how a building was put up in the first place before we can begin deconstructing it. When we’re taking a building down we have a lot of in-house capabilities, we don’t go external – we like to be a one-stop shop.

We’re a company that’s broken the mould of demolition companies. We’ve done cut and carve, temporary works and façade retention. We’ve really set up a one-stop shop. Not all demolition companies do façade retention, groundworks and basements and I think this is becoming an increasing requirement for clients. Very few of our competitors can do stability monitoring, which we did at Lots Road and even fewer demolition companies will undertake permanent structures – steel frames, M&E works, glazing and so on, which are things that we do in-house. We’re seeing more people trying to do it, but we’ve been doing this for years. A lot of competitors are looking at our model and trying to replicate it.

BBC White City where I was a project manager was quite a prestigious project where we won numerous follow on packages. More recently, Primark Birmingham which is a £12 million, eight-floor cut and carve project. The team are a real high-performing team. They’re top of the safety league run by MACE on the site. As a senior manager for the project I was keen to set the right culture and plant the seeds, but it’s been the team on the ground that have made it all possible. They’ve got real pride in the work that they do which I think has made all the difference to our client.

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