Gary is Technical Director for Scudder Demolition, bringing over 30 years’ experience in the demolition sector. His expertise lies in the planning of technically challenging demolition projects in inner city environments, where sites adjoin occupied buildings and special protective measures are required.

Gary Whyton


We've developed a very supportive culture in Scudder - one where everyone pulls together to achieve our goals. The Group is a big driver of this in that it makes us all feel part of something bigger. We place a lot of emphasis on safety and doing things the Carey Way. As a business, we're all about safety and quality as opposed to cutting costs to the bone, which is something I think a lot of our competitors get wrong.

As a Group, Careys is very much working to integrate the various specialist services that each Group company provides. Scudder fits quite nicely into a lot of Careys Civil Engineering projects, and likewise, they provide a lot of value to many of our clients. The integrated solutions we provide unlock commercial value by reducing programme time and cost.

Another good example is our collaboration with Careys Design Team - historically, we would always have outsourced design elements, but these are now provided in-house by a dedicated resource, and supported by the larger team at CDT when required.

One of the main game changers is that clients are increasingly trying to find contractors that can provide complete packages of work - years ago, they might have contracted us to just do demolition, but they're now looking for elements of sub and superstructures. We're considered a very reliable company that can provide a wide range of services - as a result, we're doing much bigger projects, often as a principal contractor.

Probably Lots Road Power Station. I spent a lot of time developing the methodology and working with the team to win the project - it was a great example of how we integrate with Careys Design Team, who played a massive part in the development of the facade retention structure on site. We're well into works on the project now, and if you compare the project designs and 4D models at the start of the project with what we have now, you can clearly see that the client has got exactly what we promised them.

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