Duncan holds extensive experience in design and build projects. He is responsible for the overall management of Scudder sites, subcontractors, teams and plant resources. He liaises with our clients and design team, coordinates drawings, quality control and plans and programmes works to ensure timely completions to a high standard of workmanship.

Duncan White


We really work well as a team. If one person on the team has a particular skill we make sure we rotate them across various projects to ensure that we're always learning from each other. There’s no silos and we’re really nimble in terms of sharing our experience and capabilities. In terms of behaviours I like to see people supporting each other in their work and fully embracing the Carey Way. This means more than just setting sites up in the right way, it means that from the earliest stages of planning through to completion of the job, all of our teams are carrying out their work to the best of our abilities. Alongside this, I encourage all of our people to put safety first in everything that they do - our Safe Home Every Day programme is a big part of this as it teaches people to look at the environment they're working in, not just the immediate task that they're doing.

A big part of how I bring value is about presenting our clients with solutions. Whether they have a health and safety issue or a programme delay, I head down to the site and talk it through with them, and make sure to review things with the team. I’m a big believer in seeing people face-to-face and I see our clients as regularly as I can. To me it’s all about making these regular visits. I have to run a number of projects and I try to visit each of them at least once a week and spend some time reviewing our progress and talking to our client about how things are moving forward.

I see a lot more collaborative working in the future as clients are increasingly looking to combine work packages - elements of demolition with excavations and basement construction, for example. Our ability to work collaboratively with Careys Civil Engineering adds great value for our clients in these types of projects and I only see that increasing in the future. After all, why would a client want to manage two contractors when they can get everything under one roof with us?

Selfridges is definitely my favourite project. I’ve headed up the project and it’s been incredibly complicated, but a real game changer for us. Our client is obviously a world leading retailer and they’ve got incredibly high standards and expectations for our work and our team have really stepped up to the plate. We’ve had 400 variations on the original scope over phase two, but we’ve not missed the deadline, we’ve just stepped up and made great progress to get things done. It's been a great example of the way we work; very collaborative, very agile and ultimately able to provide real value for our client.

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