The Carey Way

The Carey Way defines our approach to projects. It is our mentality to strive for excellence in all that we do and to ensure our teams have clear leadership and the right environment to deliver outstanding results for our clients. 

The Carey Way

For ION Environmental this means a focus on safety, quality and transparency. These values are delivered through comprehensive project planning and self-delivery, as well as continual business improvement, underpinned by the Carey Way values which are encapsulated through an online toolkit accessible by all our teams in a range of languages. 

Our teams are empowered to improve our processes, our approach and our quality of works and provided with extensive industry training and in-house investment to achieve the highest standards of quality and excellence.

Pre-contract Planning

ION Environmental recognises the intrinsic value in providing clients with specialist advice and consultancy services before a project commences. By engaging at the earliest stages of development we provide our clients with both greater levels of programme certainty and the opportunity to adopt innovative solutions that improve commercial performance and reduce project risk. Our team have extensive surveying and planning experience which helps our client to identify likely sources of asbestos, types of asbestos and the safest and most cost-effective removal methods.

Self delivery model

By directly investing in our own staff and equipment, ION Environmental provides the highest levels of customer service for our clients. Our ability to deploy the latest and most innovative equipment unlocks value for our clients, especially in sensitive and live environments which require an extensive range of solutions suitable for varying levels of complexity. 

In addition to this we also utilise the expertise and equipment of Careys Plant & Fleet, which maintains over 2,000 items of specialist equipment and machinery for the Group. Our accreditations ensure that we meet and exceed the expected industry standards and that we utilise and share best practice on the acquisition, deployment and maintenance of key items of plant for our projects.

Health and Safety

Working within an industry that is as highly regulated as nuclear, oil and gas, health and safety forms the backbone of ION Environmental's operational approach. 

Our people know that delivering works safely is their paramount duty and that the safety of themselves and their colleagues must always be placed ahead of delivering works quicker or at lower cost. Our in-house Safe Home Every Day (SHED) programme is our bespoke health and safety behavioural change system, designed to emotionally connect with our teams and demonstrate the importance of minimising risk and remaining vigilant to ensure all our employees go home safe every day. 

We are certified to ISO 18001:2004 ensuring that we provide complete management of health and safety across all our sites. We also provide specialist training and investment across the business to ensure all works are delivered safely by our operatives.

Our systems are rigorously audited to ensure effectiveness and compliance with relevant legislation, particularly with regard to our Asbestos Licence (HSG247, L143) and Managing for Health and Safety (HSG65). We also deploy extensive screening, segregation and PPE on site to ensure the safety of all operatives and site personnel. 

Ultimately we reduce the risk to our people through providing them with the tools, training and expertise they need to both manage and reduce risk on our projects, encouraging effective communication and constantly reviewing the way we approach and deliver works.


We are fully committed to a sustainable and responsible approach. With the award of ISO14001:2015, we have recognition of our robust environmental management systems. 

Alongside this we invest in an extensive programme of training and development for our staff, building the skills of our employees and ensuring best outcomes for key stakeholders in the communities around our sites as part of our commitment to social sustainability.


We believe that providing a quality service means delivering through a considered and transparent methodology. This ensures works are completed safely, on time and to budget. 

We are certified to ISO 9001:2015 and have made quality management a way of life and integral to our management of the business. 

Our in-depth methodologies are prepared and reviewed by our industry experts that have extensive experience in the safe removal of varying classifications of asbestos from a wide range of structures. 

Our outstanding levels of quality have been recognised by the HSE, who awarded us a three-year asbestos removal licence in 2017. To date, we are one of only a handful of companies with a three-year licence and are recognised in the industry for providing outstanding customer service and responsiveness, driving our reputation as a premium provider of asbestos removal services.

Business Improvement

We have developed a mantra of continuous growth and improvement. Our determination to attract the best in the industry and invest in their development has established our ability to deliver outstanding levels of customer satisfaction and to deliver works safely and with minimal impact to those near our works in ‘live’ environments. 

Our teams undergo continuous training and utilise internal and external feedback to constantly improve our methodologies and techniques.

Operational Standards

The Carey Way defines the standards that the Carey Group founders laid down when the Group was established and gives our teams a clear benchmark to visit and re-visit every time they set up a site, walk a site, or carry out a task. This benchmark is visualised through the Carey Way standards – an interactive website accessible by all site operatives on phones, tablets and computers. 

The website contains a wealth of information and provides written and visual guidance on best practice in everything from project management to site set-up across the complex scope of asbestos removal we undertake. Our clients see the value in the Carey Way as a consistency of quality and approach which ensures the best results on our projects every time we work with them. 

For us at ION Environmental, the Carey Way provides an invaluable source of best practice guidelines for working safely in live and complex environments. The site enables us to clearly demonstrate to clients the benefits of our approach and the exacting safety standards we apply to our sites.

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