ION Environmental provides a selection of surveys depending on your requirements. We have vast experience of customising the scope of the required asbestos survey and complete the implementation and management of these requirements.

Asbestos management surveys
The asbestos management survey is the standard survey required on any building constructed prior to the year 2000. Management surveys will often lead to minor intrusive investigations, to locate as far as is reasonably practical, the location, extent and form of asbestos products present. The management survey will include a material assessment based on the condition of found asbestos containing materials and their potential ability to release fibres if disturbed. This material assessment provides an initial guide to the priority for managing the asbestos containing materials.

Re-inspection surveys
The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 requires that the condition of known asbestos containing materials within a building must be inspected at regular intervals and the records updated accordingly. We can offer bespoke arrangements for re-inspection surveys depending on your specific requirements.

Refurbishment and Demolition surveys
When planning refurbishment or demolition works within a building, it is a requirement that a fully intrusive, destructive survey is undertaken to establish all asbestos containing materials present throughout the building structure. This is necessary to facilitate access to all areas of the building and provide a full understanding of what asbestos products are present prior to the demolition or refurbishment of the building.

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