As Director of Engineering and Development, Sam is responsible for providing engineering advice and technical support for the Carey Group including design and engineering, tendering advice, and construction methodologies. Sam’s role is to bring an advanced engineering approach to the Group; identifying technical risks and opportunities, providing engineering support and technical reviews, strengthening the development of our group’s engineering knowledge and skill through lessons learned and knowledge sharing initiatives.

Sam Wong


Our culture is one of learning - we're heavily invested in getting better every day by learning from our performance on current projects to improve our performance in the future. Part of my role is helping to drive this culture of improvement to help develop a bank of knowledge and experience within the business.

Having good client relationships is important - to me, a key part of bringing value to our clients is through helping them to be aware of the financial and programme implications of requested changes. Sometimes, clients request things that they think they want, but these things are sometimes counter intuitive to their overall goals. When we have a good relationship with the client we can help them to understand this and focus on their ultimate goals.

The game changer in the current market is Brexit and how it impacts on the confidence of investors and developers. A lot of private sector clients scaled back their investment in the run-up to the vote, and as a result, we've become more focused as a business on working with the public sector - specifically major infrastructure packages.

We are developing our skill in 4D modelling, not only as a tool to demonstrate our methodologies to clients, but also to improve understanding on our sites. This has been a real game changer for us in helping non-native English speakers to understand the methodologies and sequencing of projects.

The V&A Dundee is one of my favourite projects. The complexity of the concrete was a huge challenge. I have been shadowing the project and helping the team to resolve technical issues in formwork design, thermal cracking control and working with the consultant.

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