Martin brings his vast industry knowledge and experience to review and improve Careys current processes and procedures, to drive consistency and elevate best practices across the Group.

Prior to joining Careys, Martin worked for concrete frames specialist PC Harrington as Operations Director, a role he delivered for over 13 years having joined the business in 1982 as site agent.

Martin is widely recognised in the industry as a construction expert and has a proven track record of leading a significant number of high profile and complex concrete structures projects including; Wembley National Stadium, Westfield Shopping Centres in White City and Stratford, Barclays Bank Headquarters in Canary Wharf and Swiss Re 'The Gherkin' to name but a few.

Martin McDermott


There’s been a big change in the way we operate since I joined Careys. As we’ve grown, there’s been an increasing focus on being the very best we can be – not from an arrogant point of view, but more of a mindset of challenging ourselves to improve. It’s driving us to a very different place professionally, in terms of what we offer to our clients, and to our people, with a strong focus on quality, health and safety and how we operate as a group of companies.

One that stands out is the PTP (Procure To Pay) project. The project is exploring how the back office supporting functions work and how we can improve them, as we do with our external facing operations. Essentially we’re making this investment to improve our effectiveness and make the best use of technology in our business. There are so many potential benefits to what we do in every part of the procure to pay cycle; starting from work winning and estimating, through procurement, our on site activities, accounts payable and finance. Everyone across the Group will benefit from this, as well as our suppliers and subcontractors!

Change. It’s always hard, but as a successful business, we need to make appropriate changes on an ongoing basis to stay at the forefront of our industry. People often resist change and naturally tend to think it’s a bad thing. A significant part of my role is identifying areas which could benefit from change, and then helping to make change – whether that’s to process or systems or to anything else!

If you look at where the Carey Group was five years ago or more, it was successful, but really quite siloed in the way it worked. Things tended to happen on a localised basis, and not necessarily in a coordinated way for the benefit of the Group. We were getting good results, but we knew that we could be better. Behavioural Science is changing that by making people think about how they engage and interact with other parts of the business; helping them see how they fit into the bigger picture.

I see huge opportunity for the business. We’ve got great potential for growth, further improvements, and for expanding our horizons. There’s a really bright future for the Group and that really excites me. The people are great, and the leadership really embraces change in a very positive way – they look forward and steer every part of the Group to be the best it can be.

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