Joseph was appointed to the role of Chief Executive Officer in 2015 for Careys Building & Civil Engineering having previously held the role of Operations Director. He holds a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering and has over 25 years of civil engineering experience having progressed within the Carey business in a number of contract management roles. He has led the safe delivery of significant civil engineering and construction projects within the infrastructure, residential, retail and industrial sectors across Ireland. Joseph is responsible for all operational activities carried out by Careys in Ireland and the executive control of all civil engineering and building projects. 

Joe O'Hagan


The change in the Irish Economy from a deep recession to a growth economy.  This has opened up a huge range of opportunities for us. There’s quite broad growth in civil engineering and house building which has put us on a much stronger footing. We have a much wider and stronger range of capabilities than we had five years ago.

We’ve done some really nice projects, including windfarms, urban developments and big national road schemes. Keeping going through the 2008 recession was quite a feat. We were able to keep a good and steady stream of work coming in that enabled us to keep our people employed which was no small thing considering a lot of the competition was being starved out.

Our biggest challenge is to manage the growth in the company sustainably. As we’re growing, we want to grow in the right way – not just taking on jobs at any cost. We’re being really tight on the way we’re pricing projects and managing our risk to make sure that we’re not taking on more than we can manage.

It’s a very useful tool to be employed, getting rid of unneccesary paperwork, but equally, getting decision making power to people that know what’s going on at the coal front. The people on the sites and the ones dealing with the problems are the ones best placed to identify solutions and we then empower them to be able to deploy those solutions.

I’ve been here since 1988, and I’ve seen such an amazing journey. We’re doing some amazing projects and if the next ten years involve as much change and as much improvement then we’re going to be totally amazing in another ten years. We’re getting larger and larger, but if we can keep our integrity as we grow, that will be an amazing thing. It will be a really encouraging thing.

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