Graham is Group Business Performance Director for the Carey Group. A Chartered Engineer and Chartered Surveyor, he brings more than 25 years' global experience in business change, programme and project management, and business improvement and strategic business planning. Graham has worked in industries including major civil engineering and infrastructure, commercial real estate development, aviation, rail, oil and gas, banking and large FM outsourcing.

He joined Careys full time in 2017 to help form the Group Performance and Improvement Team and is responsible for ensuring we develop, understand and use our data to deliver improved performance and efficiency and embed those improvements for the future.

Graham Hill


The relatively recent change towards greater use of data, always supported by experience to help us make better informed decisions. The data has always been accessible in the business but we’ve never fully explored the best use of it so we are working towards getting greater certainty and ever greater confidence in the outcomes of our decisions.  Experience still plays a part in what we do, but we’re trying to continually inform ourselves about the risks and use that to help how we deliver. 

The start of our journey to integrate all the Carey Group businesses and fully utilise the power of our resources. It’s a journey especially as the businesses have all developed in different ways and often serve different markets but the opportunity to make the most of the amazing skills and capabilities is very exciting.

Without a doubt, it’s trying to find ways to achieve greater integration with the group businesses in the most efficient way whilst causing the least disruption to our people and operations.

I was aware of Behavioural Science about a year before I went through the programme. I saw what the business wanted to achieve through it, and that it was one of many tools we would need to employ as we develop. Having gone through it myself now it’s been great to observe the changes in the way people go to work and the way we have subtly arranged our working environment to support that. I see people are working together more instinctively and are beginning to be more focused in the way they approach problem solving which is delivering improvements every day.

I think our relentless focus on our people, achieving improvements in everything we do and being able to fully harness the power of working and delivering as a truly integrated group of companies. I love the fact that we’re building things with great skill and craftsmanship, using incredibly innovative techniques that people are going to use for generations to come. I think it’s going to be a exciting place for young people coming into the industry and I’d like to think we’ll be the place they will be drawn to. 

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