Gary is the Managing Director for Careys Plant & Fleet. He is a Chartered Fellow of both the Institute of Transport and Logistics and Engineering Council and has over 25 years’ experience within the plant and fleet sector covering operational areas such as vehicle and production plant design along with term maintenance contracts and distribution. Gary has overall responsibility for the strategic operation of a fully compliant, safe and sustainable fleet, managing its use, maintenance and operation to provide a complete service to all group business units. 

Gary Condon


The biggest change I’ve noticed is around increased legislation; particularly emissions and standards. The industry is a lot more focussed on doing things the right way and obviously that comes with an increased volume of compliance paperwork and legislation. The market is also really competitive – there’s a real shortage of some items of specialist plant, so we’ve made real strides in working with the wider industry to make the most of our partnerships; in particular, our supply chain charter which we launched in 2016.


For me, it’s very much been an on-going project to build a strong and committed team. Our people are so important to us, and we’ve invested in their training and development, and made sure that they’re looked after so that they stay with us. As a result of that, we’ve got a really motivated team that has managed to achieve FORS Gold for three consecutive years, and two fleet awards, Fleet of the Year 2015 and 2017. Having the new branding has been a big help to the group as it’s given the teams some real pride in the way that they treat the equipment – they see our name on it and they look after it.


Definitely keeping on top of the phenomenal growth, in terms of paying invoices and keeping the systems set up and running efficiently. The Carey Group has had astronomical growth over the last ten years, which is actually even more pronounced after the last three or four. Where we often had plant and machinery with plenty of downtime for maintenance and repairs, it’s now being sent back out almost as soon as it’s returned from a site. A lot of industry manufacturers have nearly 100% capability on their forward order books for next year, so it can be a real detriment to firms that don’t already have the specialist equipment that we do.

It’s definitely been a benefit to the way we’re operating as a business. On a personal level, I think it’s changing people’s perspective on their work and the way they’re approaching things by making us more considered and targeted in the way we’re working. I see a lot less guesswork than years ago and more people asking to see the data behind decisions which is quite a different thing in our industry. 

I’m really interested to see where we’re going and helping develop our people so we can make the collective decisions together for tomorrow's needs.


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