Denis was appointed as Group Managing Director in 2010 with responsibility for all business activities in the UK and Ireland, becoming Group CEO in 2017. He initially joined Carey Group company Scudder Demolition as a Site Quantity Surveyor before taking up the position of Commercial Director in 1997. He was subsequently promoted to Managing Director in 2006 and joined the Carey Group Board in the same year.  

As Group CEO, Denis sits on the Group Board to bring effective coordination and integration of specialisms across the business. Together with the three Founders, he provides coherent leadership and formulates planning and development programmes to ensure that all Carey Group companies continue to operate sustainably and profitably.

Denis Deacy


A key part of my role within the Carey Group is developing each of the Group companies to ensure they grow and thrive. It’s a privilege to work with such a diverse range of businesses and leaders and I’m passionate about leading the Group to become the best at what we do. It’s important to me that we continue to diversify and maintain sound operating principles within our Group. 

As with any business that has grown rapidly, we’ve found challenges in maintaining our exacting standards across the numerous sites we operate on. For me, consistency is key to continuing our success, so one of my focuses has been on developing systems and processes to ensure that irrespective of which site a client might be on, they’ll experience a consistent standard of quality and operation.

Implementing the principals of Behavioural Science is one of the Group's main objectives for 2017/18. The programme only began in 2016, but considering its relative infancy, we’re already starting to notice improvements. Meetings I’ve been part of are showing improved discipline in terms of time keeping and our use of data to make decisions. Initiatives that are being presented are being made with more certain outcomes thanks to this use of this data, and I see a lot more rigour in the way we’re assessing and engaging with key projects across the Group.

The successful mentoring of colleagues. We’ve got a rich history of mentoring at Careys, and looking back, I think it’s played an integral role in our success. As we continue to grow, the continued integration of the specialist services will remain key to our proposition. We’ve witnessed the positive effects that it’s had on projects like Runnymede and Selfridges and I’m sure it will continue to bring benefits to our business.

The increasing scale of the Group and the opportunities that will bring to us. Our graduate training programme is bringing some really strong talent on-board and is creating opportunities for them to flourish and succeed. I want to make sure that all employees have the opportunity to make a success of their time with us, and that the Carey Way becomes the industry-recognised standard of excellence.

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