Excavations are part and parcel of much of the work carried out by Carey Group companies Scudder Demolition and Careys Civil Engineering. Primarily used for strengthening existing foundations or forming new ones, our teams also undertake excavations during works involving utilities connections such as water pipes and telecomms infrastructure. From a contractual point of view, these works can present our teams with significant risk of causing disruption, incurring costly penalties and disruption to local stakeholders.

As part of our constant search for innovative technologies that can improve the safety and effectiveness of our operations, Careys Plant & Fleet invested in vacuum excavator technologies in 2018. This advanced equipment replaces the requirement for machine-driven excavations with a high-powered air suction system that removes material from the site of an excavation whilst minimising the risk of service strikes.

“The patented Twin-Fan technology of the DINO5 from GTS is an really effective way for site teams to undertake excavations around sensitive live utilities connections” says Gary Condon, Managing Director of Careys Plant & Fleet. “The 12m3 container is mounted on a movable vehicle and comes with an extendable arm for extracting the earth and liquids from our sites”.

“Years ago, our teams would have faced the risk of damaging plant and machinery during excavations on site, and in some instances would have had operatives undertaking laborious manual digs which were slow and tiring for our staff. Ever since we bought our vacuum excavator, we’ve used it just about every week on sensitive urban projects or those on which we absolutely must not disrupt live services, such as our work at Heathrow Airport, Edinburgh Airport and Graven Hill in Oxfordshire.”

The technology has been of huge benefit to the Group's clients, being a key selling point on numerous projects across the country and enabling teams to win larger and more complex packages of excavation work. Mick Mayrah, the machine's operative, was one of the first people in the UK to become NVQ certified in March 2018, highlighting the Group's focus on investing in the skills of its operatives.

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