Warren Jones holds responsibility for the strategic development of Careys New Homes’ residential land acquisition. As an experienced land buyer, Warren is highly skilled in the identification, evaluation and purchase of land for residential development, in addition to managing the bidding, legal and planning process.  

Warren Jones


The desire to build a great home for our customers is something we’re very focused on. I think some of the bigger house builders see this industry in purely transaction terms, but we take great pride in seeing the reactions of our customers when they get the keys to their new home. I always take the time to ask our teams about the customer experience and encourage them to take pride in the reactions we get from customers moving in.

I approach value very much from a place of instilling best practice in the company. A big part of our culture is the Carey Way; being the best we can be, and the CGIs that visualise that ‘best possible outcome’ on our sites. To me, encouraging uptake of the Carey Way unlocks real value for our customers, as the sites are tidier, safer and ultimately provide the right environment for our teams to build great homes within.

Our customers care about having a comfortable, practical home that they can make memories in and by building these homes the right way, our customers have much greater satisfaction in their new home.

The 2008 recession was a real game changer for the home building industry. So many good tradespeople packed up and left which created a massive shortage of qualified labour. We identified that the only way to get over this was to make our sites as attractive as possible for tradespeople, to invest in apprentices and to make sure that we’re not only attracting people, but keeping them as well.

Definitely our flats at Saxon’s Court in Wokingham. The site is incredibly well run - the whole site is set up to achieve quality and it’s really visible in the quality of the finished homes we’re handing over to our customers. 

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