Careys Civil Engineering is carrying out a series of superstructure and substructure works for the new Learning and Teaching hub at the University of Glasgow. When completed, this facility will provide state-of-the-art learning and teaching facilities for over 2,500 students. The hub’s intricate design creates a modern, vibrant and alluring academic atmosphere, with exposed ceilings and tall windows that overlook stunning greenery.

Since beginning work on this project in 2017, Careys Civil Engineering has been constructing an eight-storey reinforced concrete frame, comprising three large stair cores and five levels of reinforced concrete slabs. Currently, our work on the project is approaching its final phases – having recently completed the construction of three stair cores, we are now working on levels four, five and six of suspended slabs.

The structure’s unique geometric design – with triple height decking to level four – has meant dealing with a high percentage of exposed concrete and large stair cores. In order to help overcome these complexities, we have maintained close communication with the client and supply chain throughout this project. Sister company, Careys Design Team has provided invaluable support to devise workable methods to overcome the construction challenges presented by the Learning and Teaching hub’s design.

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