Carey Group

What We Do

Our strengths as a specialist contractor

Whether we are creating vital infrastructure, constructing new developments or helping to maintain elements of the built environment, we recognise that every sector has differing requirements and presents different challenges. We possess the logistical and multi sector specific knowledge to ensure that every project we deliver is effectively planned and managed through to completion. 

We dedicate time to understanding our clients and their future needs, and then deploy the best people and resources to ensure successful outcomes. Our construction teams can provide clients with an extensive range of services and solutions for projects of varying scope, budget, schedule and complexity. Our operational teams build and maintain collaborative relationships with our clients, partners and all stakeholders, which support our crucial role in helping clients realise their visions. 

As a project progresses, or increases in complexity, our pre-construction expertise and portfolio of  complementary services provide greater benefit. The more challenging the project, the greater the value Careys will deliver to clients as our integrated approach can deliver consolidated programmes, reduce project costs, and bring consistency and effective management of more construction risks.