Carey Group


We Care

Our robust integrated management system (IMS) is certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2015, BS EN 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007. This provides our stakeholders with the reassurance they need that our integrated system meets and exceeds the requirements of all relevant health, safety, environmental and quality legislation, codes of practice and guidelines.

Our employees should expect the best when they come to work on a Carey site. We are wholly committed to ensuring our employees:

  • Never feel unsafe
  • Never feel that they’re being asked to do anything unsafe
  • Feel empowered to speak up

The most valuable asset to any company is its employees and essential to a company’s success is the motivation, happiness, wellbeing and safety of those employees.

Safe Home Every Day (SHED)

At Careys we are committed to an environment where people are valued, respected and are proud to be part of the group.

SHED is Careys ‘Behavioural Safety Change Programme’ that extends the management of our employees safety and health from a system based around procedures and rules, to a personal process that ensures each and every one of our employees are part of the process and have a vested interest in ensuring everyone goes ‘Safe Home Every Day.' SHED surrounds the culture of Careys and we believe that nothing we do is so important that we can’t take the time to do it safely.’

It is compulsory for all our employees to attend a half day SHED orientation session and it is also a requirement for all our managers and supervisors (including subcontractors) to attend a SHED leadership course. Here we highlight the importance to everyone that works for Careys that there is NO reason to take short cuts, cut corners, rush, complete unplanned works or favours that place themselves, their colleagues, clients, fellow contractors or the general public at risk. We keep our people, our clients and the public safe, which in turn ensures the safe delivery of projects.

Our underlying message is that as an organisation ‘We Care’, and to our employees, this commitment is extended to health, safety, environmental and quality - not just in the workplace, but at home as well. Our aim is ultimately not to just reduce the number of reportable workplace accidents, but 'to encourage our employees to achieve zero accidents at home as they do in the workplace.' Essentially we want employees to take the valuable lessons and considered practices they demonstrate at work and transfer them into their home life.

Visible leadership, communication and interaction

Each SHED session is always introduced by a member of the Careys senior team. This provides visible leadership, communication, interaction and 360 degree feedback with our employees. The SHED programme is powerful and engaging as it is delivered by members of the Careys operational delivery teams with support from our in-house team of health and safety professionals. Unlike traditional training courses, there aren’t rules and procedures to remember, no facts and figures, but a focus on and reinforcement that every accident can be prevented; that we have a responsibility to ourselves, our colleagues and our families to put safety first to ensure we go ‘Safe Home Every Day’.

At the heart of the SHED message is minimising risk. That we must carefully consider the method and impact of carrying out each activity we perform and put safety ahead of the pressure to get things done as quickly as possible. SHED has never been about policing or punishing mistakes; it is about learning from them.

Successes of ‘Safe Home Every Day’

To date, our entire workforce has attended a ‘Safe Home Every Day’ session. As a result our projects are demonstrating a measurable difference in the behaviours of our employees, the reporting of near misses and addressing unsafe acts and conditions. This in turn has resulted in improved reporting of accidents and incidents, new learning from addressing the causes, these changes are helping everyone to go ‘Safe Home Every Day’.

Benefits of SHED include:

  • A change in attitude - Careys have dispelled the myth to our employees that delivering a project is more important than safety
  • Employees are taking their safety awareness home and spreading the safety message
  • Improved morale, loyalty and pride in the workforce
  • Improved communications and 360 degree feedback
  • A desire to work with and for Careys
  • SHED is a core value at Careys and is part of our brand identity

Sustaining our ‘Safe Home Every Day’ Culture

The message of putting safety first is driven from the top and to support this, a Regional Leadership Team and Safety Leadership Team, made up of Directors from across the Group meets once a month to drive our SHED culture, ensuring that our health and safety performance is constantly challenged, improvements sought and that SHED is always more than just words.

Careys is also in the process of introducing new features to our Group internal health and safety regimes. The first of these is ‘road risk’ training, which has been introduced to combat risks such as tiredness and boredom associated with driving long distances. SHED’s established ‘Train the Trainer’ programme is also being stepped up to establish an increased number of SHED champions on site who are able to deliver SHED sessions and ensure that our employees continue to maintain top health and safety practices in everything they do. The goal is that everyone in the whole organisation will attend a SHED training course once every three years.

Furthermore, to help to keep the SHED philosophy at the forefront of people’s minds, SHED wallet cards have been introduced. The idea of the cards came from site following a SHED session and will act as a gentle reminder of who to contact regarding health and safety practices should our employees have any concerns.