Introduction to Seneca

Seneca Environmental Solutions Ltd is a leading waste and resource recovery company specialising in the production of refused derived fuel (RDF). The company is an integral part of the Carey Group and was formed in 2010 to provide the Group and the local recycling market; including national and regional collectors and processers, with a greener and more sustainable alternative to landfill.

Our on-going investment in people, infrastructure and continuous improvement has positioned Seneca as one of the largest UK RDF producers, partnering with Europe’s leading energy from waste plant operators. Seneca creates high efficiency in the processing and production of RDF fuel and achieves this through the adoption of innovative technologies to ensure that we continually deliver a consistent product for our offtake partners.

Since operations began Seneca has organically grown to export over 520,000 tonnes of RDF to its partners in Europe. This material was sourced from our own group of companies as well as working with a number of the key regional operators and collectors. One such relationship with West London Waste Authority over a four year contract period saw Seneca process and divert roughly 280,000 tonnes of domestic refuse that was otherwise destined for landfill, into recovery for RDF.

Environmental Solutions

Seneca has established a number of strategic partnerships with Europe’s premier energy from waste plant operators. These relationships allow us to fulfil our mission in offering our domestic customer base with a sustainable solution for their residual waste streams by providing our offtake partners with a consistent supply of fuel engineered to their specification.

Our facility operates 24/7, offering local collection companies and material recovery facilities convenience and efficiency, allowing them to optimise their vehicle operations.

RDF Production and Brokerage

Seneca also offers UK based refuse derived fuel (RDF) producers tailored packages to manage their export and end market activities through our knowledge and established relations. This enables them to focus on their core collection and process business. Through our Wembley facility, Seneca provides UK waste operators a fully integrated RDF brokerage service. This service offers a high level of consistency and contingency as the Wembley facility provides production support in times of need.

Construction & Demolition Waste Management

Operating on a national level the Carey Group produces significant volumes of waste surplus from its construction operations. Seneca ensures the delivery of the Group’s sustainability targets through its Wembley facility for a network of approved contractors throughout the UK. A dedicated team ensures all waste materials leaving project sites are processed via recovery facilities to deliver diversion from landfill. Residual waste originally destined for landfill is now recovered for RDF at Seneca.

Our Values


Our Values can be summarised in two words - "We Care." This has long been an inherent concept upon which our business and community ethics are built:

We Care

...that we deliver on our promises

...that we exceed our customers' expectations

...that our team are encouraged to fulfil their potential our work impacts the environment

...that every project we undertake is delivered on time and budget

...that everyone goes 'safe home every day'


Safety at the Heart of Everything we do


Our vision is to be the national Construction and Resource Management Group of choice to premium construction clients and to provide rewarding careers to our employees. We aim to grow Careys through the continued evolution of our integrated service capabilities and self-delivery model, to meet the challenges of our clients and the opportunities presented by target markets. We promise a working environment where our employees and teams are challenged to innovate and seek optimum solutions and deliver quality, value and service.

How our values drive us

Our values are simple and derived from the same strong traditional, personal ethics and codes of practice which were laid down by our Founders in 1969. They define the very hands-on and personable approach of Careys and form the bedrock on which we do business every day.


Above all else, Careys operates through a code of honesty, transparency and consistency. We are committed to partnering, building and maintaining lasting relationships with clients, subcontractors, suppliers and stakeholders, and are committed to a partnered and non-adversarial approach to business.  


The Careys business is built on strong, robust finances and our business model is based upon self-delivery where our integrated capabilities manage out construction risks rather than transfer them to others. We invest significantly in pre-construction planning and have established The Careys Design Team to ensure this is effectively carried out. This allows us to understand each challenge and deploy the best resources to deliver the task in hand. Put simply, this enables us to always deliver.


Careys ongoing success is derived from the talents and commitment of our employees. In return, Careys invests significantly in their future, providing the very best plant and equipment, robust processes and procedures, in a working environment where there is no fear, there is recognition of a job well done and where all are encouraged and guided to achieve their full potential.

Our Values can be summarised in two words - "We Care." This has long been an inherent concept upon which our business and community ethics are built.

 Senior Team


   John Carey Jr                Kenneth Doran             Andrew Harper                



  Kevin Sibley                          Luke Cassidy

John Carey Jr, Managing Director

John Carey Jr joined the business in 1980 and has 34 years industry experience in a number of senior management roles across the Carey Group, including civil engineering, demolition, residential and commercial development and resource management. He is the Managing Director and visionary founder of waste and resource recovery company,  Seneca. It was his drive and ambition that led to the development and realisation of Seneca, making the Carey Group the only UK construction company with an in-house super materials recycling facility.

He has overall responsibility for ensuring the safe delivery of all Seneca and Careys New Homes operations across the UK and oversees. Key responsibilities include strategic development of each business, ensuring that they continue to operate profitably through sustainable growth and effective management of risks.

One of John’s career highlights is the establishment of Careys sustainability agenda which began with the aim of managing the in-house recycling needs of Careys’ businesses Scudder and P.J. Careys. John set out to adopt a different mentality to others in the market; seeing waste as a commodity and a resource to be utilised and not discarded. He subsequently extended his thinking outside of the business and other external areas to develop a waste and resource solution that ensures all materials can be processed and diverted from landfill.

John is proud to have been a part of the evolving nature of the Carey Group, steering its expansion and growth, developing its service capabilities, to ensure that it adapts to meet industry and client requirements.

‘The commitment and loyalty of our teams makes me immensely proud, their dedication to staying true to our family values of safety and delivering on our promises is part of what makes Careys great.’ 


Kenneth Doran, Operations Director

Kenneth Doran joined Seneca in 2012 as General Manager and brings extensive industry knowledge and experience, gained over a 13 year period in a number of senior operational and management roles. After starting his career in Ireland managing waste transfer stations, Kenneth moved to England in 2010 to assume the role of General Manager for a mixed construction demolition and industrial recovery facility. In 2015 Ken was promoted to the role of Operations Director.  

Throughout his career, Kenneth has developed a wide knowledge base and experience in the solid recovery fuel (SRF) and refuse derived fuel (RDF) markets; perfectly aligning his experience with Seneca.  Having worked with construction companies to create waste management plans, Kenneth has a thorough understanding of the challenges brought to construction and demolition markets when it comes to management of industrial, commercial and residential waste.  

One of the Kenneth’s many career achievements is growing the Seneca export business to over 200,000 tonnes per annum. This was successfully accomplished through a focus on creating high efficiency in the RDF production process. Ken is passionate about building long-term strategic partnerships with UK Waste Operators to offer them a sustainable solution for their residual waste streams, as well as delivering a consistent supply of RDF products to offtakers in northern Europe and Scandinavia.

‘We place huge focus on health and safety, production efficiency and quality. This is supported through a culture of continuous improvement where everyone in the team is encouraged to challenge the way we work which contributes to making our business safer and more efficient.’


Andrew Harper, Operations Manager

Andrew Harper is Operations Manager for Seneca and brings over 20 years’ experience in operational and production management positions in the UK, Europe and Asia. He has built a unique understanding of waste and recycling processes making continuous improvements to Seneca’s on-site operational efficiency and delivery performance to customers.

He has overall responsibility for the manufacturing, transport and associated administrative functions for the Seneca production facility. He also manages the in-house recycling needs of the Carey Group. It is Andrew’s firm belief that sustainable business operations should be defined by clear channels of communication and the ongoing development of mutually beneficial relationships with customers.

Andrew takes great pride in overcoming daily challenges by developing safe and practical waste and resource management solutions. One of Andrew’s career highlights came following an operational management position he undertook in Asia for a manufacturing business specialising in processing components and complex finished parts. He played a key role in the implementation of robust and streamlined processes by getting the fundamentals right. In creating revised planning and process systems, its production and supply chain operations subsequently achieved significant improved operational efficiency and cost savings.

‘At Seneca we have a great team working in a uniform and focussed direction. Fundamental to this is the established two way flow of communication where relevant information and clear and achievable targets are met and exceeded by the team.’


Kevin Sibley, Commercial Manager

Kevin Sibley joined Seneca in 2014 as Commercial Manager and brings 27 years’ experience in the waste and recycling industry. During his career he has worked his way up through the ranks and held a number of senior operations, sales and development management roles. The roles he has held have deepened his industry knowledge in a broad range of areas including waste collection, waste processing and treatment and resource exports. Prior to joining Seneca he was Commercial Manager for Countrystyle Recycling Ltd.

Kevin has overall responsibility for the management of waste flows into the Seneca facility, management of the RDF export process and identification of business development opportunities into new and established markets.

Kevin is proud of the work he had done in expanding Seneca's portfolio of RDF offtake contracts and building relationships with plant operators of energy from waste plants in northern Europe and Scandanavia.

The Seneca business model is unique to our industry; it is managed as a production facility rather than a traditional waste processing plant. This creates a highly focussed, efficient, compliant and safe environment with quality at the forefront.’


Luke Cassidy, Production Manager

Luke Cassidy is Production Manager and Health & Safety Co-ordinator for Seneca Environmental Solutions Ltd and has 4 years’ experience in the waste sector having joined Seneca in 2011. During this period he has played a leading role in instilling manufacturing and production principles such as 5s by way of major advances in house-keeping and tidiness, correct tooling, proficient skill sets and training and efficiencies in stock control.

Prior to joining Seneca Luke gained 5 years’ experience in a high tempo production environment with a world class premium car manufacturer, BMW UK. Within this role he drove the implementation of 5s manufacturing principles and VPS (Value Added Production System) techniques such as Kaizen and lean manufacturing to greatly enhance productivity and reduce waste within an assembly line environment.

In conjunction with his role as Production Manager, he is also responsible for the co-ordination of Health and Safety at Seneca. He is passionate about the fundamental role that health & safety plays in the industry and takes huge pride in making sure that everything that Seneca plans and delivers is both safe and productive.

Luke has helped oversee significant leaps in the efficiencies and productivity of the Seneca business, including the recent integration of a new waste processing machine which is unique and exclusive to Seneca in the UK. Luke charts the highlight of his career as the establishment and ongoing development of his operational team that have taken Seneca from a 300 tonne per day business to comfortably being able to process 1000 tonnes per day.

‘Seneca’s success in large part is due to our close-knit team where everybody is pulling in the same direction and adhering to an ethos of being proactive, listening, learning and seeking continuous improvement’.



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Our mission is to establish Seneca as a leading producer and exporter of RDF to the European, Scandinavian and domestic Renewable Energy markets

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