What Sustainability means at Careys

At Careys we seek to integrate sustainability into our strategies, policies and operations. We take great pride in our ability to address social, environmental and economic factors from the outset, in the design, construction and use of the projects we deliver by considering them in a fresh and innovative way.  

Our commitment to becoming more sustainable is not a box-ticking exercise to comply with legislation. It is part and parcel of everyday life at Careys. We develop approaches to sustainability that are relevant and specific to the activity or project in which we are involved. 

Sustainability Indicators

Leading the way in sustainable project development and construction is how Careys want to move forward. Sustainability is a big concept and covers many issues so we have identified ten sustainability indicators which represent areas where we can create positive change.  We use this as an integral part of the delivery of all our projects and to demonstrate progress towards our sustainability targets.

At Careys our sustainability indicators are:

  • Materials
  • Waste
  • Energy & Carbon
  • Water
  • Emissions
  • Ecology
  • Education
  • Research & Innovation
  • Community
  • Stakeholders

Our Sustainability Strategy 

At Careys we develop and build complex and challenging civil engineering, construction and housing projects. In any given year approximately 1,300 employees and 50 subcontractors are carrying out some 100 projects across the UK and Ireland.   

Although we recognise that we have a major impact on the environment and we need to address many factors and challenges, we also see an opportunity to work differently and effect positive change. Careys' sustainability strategy helps us do this by creating long-term value for our clients, stakeholders and wider society. 

To really become more sustainable we work hard to make it part of what we do and we have a roadmap for how each of our employees contributes to making Careys sustainability strategy hap­pen every day.