Introduction to Scudder

T.E. Scudder Ltd or Scudder as we are known in the industry have built a reputation for excellence over the past 90 years and are regarded as one of the UK’s leading demolition contractors.

As a fully integrated member of the Carey Group, Scudder deliver innovative, quality and safe solutions that give us flexibility and agility in adapting to clients’ needs and market requirements.

Scudder’s ability to deliver challenging and complex is achieved through the depth of knowledge of our highly skilled teams and our self-delivery model, which allows us to efficiently manage out construction and demolition risks, rather than transferring them to others. 

The Careys Design Team also play a key role in contributing to the pre-construction planning process and the development of all temporary works designs, continually challenging current thinking and finding new and improved ways of constructing a project.

Working across all aspects of demolition, Scudder delivers works both directly to clients acting as principal contractor and in conjunction with other divisions of the Carey Group on major construction projects. Project teams also work alongside our resource recovery business, Seneca, utilising their recycling expertise and the Group’s Material Recovery Facility in Wembley, which handles commercial and residential waste and has the potential to process up to 1.1 million tonnes per year.

Scudder Projects Issue 4

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Feature ProjectLots Road Power Station


Scudder were awarded a major demolition and façade retention contract, and have utilised 3D modelling to plot temporary works and...

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